When I was investigating the whole idea of my own blog, I started discovering a lot of other blogs with semi-professional slants (usually finance broking or insurance types) that had recommended products pages that were clearly based on providing kick-backs to the blog.

While I enjoy receiving money for nothing as much as the next person, my intention for this page is to actually recommend products that I use, rather than just ones that can provide me a kick-back. I also want to highlight (rather than continue) the hypocrisy of the finance industry, so recommending products purely out of self-interest would really screw up any credibility I might build.

These organisations are some of the key suppliers I found that have helped me save money and achieve and maintain a lower cost of living, and while I can possibly receive a financial benefit from you taking up services from some of these companies, this is clearly disclosed where applicable.

1. Blog hosting

This blog is hosted with Bluehost and they have always seemed like a pretty decent setup for me.

Disclosure: Affiliate link.

2. Supermarkets

Aldi supermarkets (for significantly lowering the cost of food/groceries): See my post on groceries here.
Aldi - the most frugal and efficient place to buy your groceries

3. Professional attire

Charles Tyrwhitt (for good-quality, well-fitted corporate attire at very reasonable prices): See my post on affordable professional attire here.

Charles Tyrwhitt Logo

4. Australian health insurance

GMHBA (for cheap Australian health insurance): See my post on cheap health insurance here.

5. Insurance generally

Canstar (to help compare insurances and other products, but not to buy the products as I hate the whole kick-back system):

6. Australian Credit Cards 

Westpac Altitude Black Card (for credit card rewards if you have a home loan with the bank, otherwise use the equivalent program with another big four bank):
See my post on this credit card here.
Altitude Black Single

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