How long do bears hibernate? OK, then I’ve been in hibernation…

A quick google search for “how long do bears hibernate?” returns an answer of 7.5 months, which is ridiculously close to the time that has passed since I published my last post on this blog. So while I’ve never considered myself to have anything even remotely in common with bears, it turns out that when it comes to my blog writing I’m been more like a bear in recent months than I thought.

InsiderAccountant coming out of hibernation: “Umm…. has it really been 7.5 months since I wrote my last post and went into that home renovation cave?”

In my last post I made excuses for not writing often enough, with all of these excuses relating to the house renovation project that had really only just begun at that stage. Well, the last 7.5 months since then have seen the amount of work on the renovation increase significantly, to the point where it took up practically every bit of spare time that I had, but we finally got the house to the point where we could move in on 17 December 2016.

At this stage the house is probably 95% complete (how many times have you heard that someone say that their project is 95% complete), but that last 5% has a lot of small jobs that need to be done, and doesn’t include most of the stuff that we need to do outside the house, for example:

  • Three quarters of the fencing.
  • A new front fence (although I’ve purchased a second hand gate to put in the fence at the end of the path from the front door).
  • Footpaths around the rear and side of the house, using recycled bricks as pavers.
  • Some actual garden beds.
  • Topsoil and lawn.
  • Refurbishing the outside of the timber windows, which involves a lot of sanding and painting.
  • Some modifications to the font gable since we’re not happy with how the carpenters have done it originally.
  • Some curtains/drapes for the rear living area.
  • Sourcing random furniture (hopefully second hand hardwood if we can find what we are looking for at the right price).

I’m in no huge rush to get these jobs done though, preferring to take my time so that I can take care of as much of it myself as possible rather than paying people to do the work for me.

So what else has been happening since then?

Plenty has happened since my last post, and while most things have revolved around the house renovation, there were a few other highlights, including:

  • Our youngest child is about to start school, so bye bye child care fees and hello one drop off for both kids. This one drop off just so happens to be very close to our new house, which was one of the key attractions for the house in the first place (it’s close to lots of things, not just the school).
  • Heading to the beach for a week at Christmas time as part of three weeks off (the last two weeks were spent at home settling into the new house)
  • Plenty of changes for me at work as the firm evolves at a rapid pace due to initiatives that are pushed through the whole network (not just our office), some of which have resulted in some casualties, although most of them were probably necessary in the environment that we’re operating in. I probably need to elaborate on this more in a future post though…
  • My wife has been involved in a network marketing business in her spare time (how does she have any of that anyway?) for the last 12 months, and has had some success, being one of only about 100 to be awarded a trip to the Caribbean. This trip has been booked for early April (only 2.5 months away now), and will coincide nicely with our 10 year wedding anniversary.

Yep – I think that this is the resort that we’re going to in April. It’s a long way from hibernation!

I’ve kind of missed writing blog posts in many ways, but have had so little time for it that it’s not something that has been front of mind anyway. Now that we’re trying to get back into a more normal routine I’m hopeful that I can post a bit more regularly, although I’m not sure that I’ll get back to the same frequency that I had back in the day any time soon.

Thanks for hanging in there during my hibernation, and I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you more frequently from now on.



2 thoughts on “How long do bears hibernate? OK, then I’ve been in hibernation…

    • Thanks Tristan. It was a lot of hard work but definitely worth it. We keep getting compliments from people in the neighbourhood (even a new neighbour we met just now when she knocked on the door) so we must’ve done something right!

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