10 Questions with 1500days.com

Today I’ve been lucky enough to be featured on the illustrious 1500days.com as part of their 10 Questions series, which is a huge honour for my relatively young blog from the land down under. After all, 1500days.com is pretty much part of the extended royal family of financial bloggers, so it really is great to be able to hang out with the aristocracy, if only for a day.

Mr & Mrs 1500 Days: Personal Finance Blogging Royalty. King 1500: "I say Mrs 1500, give a good wave to those Australian chaps!"

Mr & Mrs 1500 Days: Personal Finance Blogging Royalty.
Sir 1500: “I say, Lady 1500, give the royal wave to those Australian chaps!”

If you don’t know of the series, it is essentially about getting to know other financial bloggers, and those featured can choose to answer 10 of 17 pre-derermined questions. I suggest you head over there now to check it all out.


4 thoughts on “10 Questions with 1500days.com

    • Ha ha, yeah I’m sure you don’t actually live like the royals (you haven’t once spoken about English tea or corgis on your blog, plus you don’t live in a palace/castle), but it’s more about your success in (nearly) achieving early retirement and running a hugely successful blog that everyone knows about.

      Thanks for featuring my blog in the series – site traffic is through the roof!

    • Ha ha, Danke schön fur dass! Ich hoffe dass der anderen lesern kann was wir schreiben verstehen, aber es ist egal, ob sie können nicht!

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