Where can you get cost-effective and good-quality professional attire?

Good qualify, well-fitted shirts are hard to find.

Good qualify, well-fitted shirts are hard to find.

While I have been working in the finance industry for 15 years now, it was really only in the last couple of years that I worked out how to get my hands on top-quality business attire that actually fits my body shape without going to a tailor and/or spending a fortune.

You see, I am 195.5cm tall (6’5″ in the old scale) and weigh 86kgs (189lb), so I am quite tall and thin, thus making most “off-the-rack” shirts and suits rather ill-fitting. When I previously bought off-the-rack shirts, the best I could get were ones that had variable neck and sleeve lengths that were OK, but there was still enough room around the abdomen to conceal a flat-screen television. Why do they always assume that if your neck is a certain size then you must be morbidly obese?!

Anyway, my monthly magazine from my accounting industry body came with a flyer from a business called Charles Tywrhitt so I checked them out. They seemed to have quite good prices, and once I logged on I realised that not only do they supply shirts and suits with variable neck and sleeve lengths, but they also make the body in classic fit, slim fit and extra slim fit. So there was a chance that their products might actually fit me properly!

Upon further investigation I discovered that Charles Tyrwhitt are a UK-based outfit (however they have websites for many other countries including Australia and the US) and have a huge range of suits, shirts, ties and other business attire in very fashionable designs.

Anyway, I had an introductory offer of individual shirts at AU$39.50 with no postage cost, so I had a go at measuring myself and placed an order. I got the measurements wrong initially so had to send it back, with the whole return process being very easy. You just use the same box that it came in and stick the supplied return postage label over the top of the original one, then just drop it in to your local post office. You can indicate whether you want a different size or whether you just want to return the product altogether and get a full refund, no questions asked.

Charles Tyrwhitt Logo

Charles Tyrwhitt – great quality attire that can be ordered to fit men of just about all shapes and sizes. And all at great prices with free returns!

So my replacement shirt turned up and it was a perfect fit (although it took some time to get used to as I was more accustomed to wearing shirts that would have allowed me to put on 20kgs around my mid-section), and from then on they have become my one stop shop for business attire. I have also purchased their slim-fit suits, which I am told I look very smart in (not just by my wife either!), and have since converted a few of the lads (young and old) in our office to using them as well.

Benefits of Charles Tyrwhitt

Some of the key benefits of Charles Tyrwhitt in my opinion include:

  • Shirts with a selection of neck and sleeve length, as well as being able to select from torso sizes of classic fit, slim fit and extra-slim fit;
  • Suits with a selection of sizes (chest/sleeve for the jackets and waist/leg for the pants) in both classic fit and slim fit styles;
  • Ties, belts and numerous other items for business attire as well as business casual and smart casual (things like chinos and casual shirts);
  • Permanent offer of four shirts for AU$199 (or US$199 or GB£100);
  • Simple and free returns policy so if you’re not sure of your size you can just send them back until you work it out;
  • Regular offers for various discounts; and
  • Great website (and paper catalogue if you want to receive it).

Only buy what you need

I know that the whole frugality movement of PF blogs is often aimed at not spending money on unnecessary things, but what is necessary will really depend on how you earn your living. I am not suggesting that people buy way more shirts/suits than they need, but if they actually require well-fitted professional attire for their job (I certainly do in the accounting profession) then head straight to your Charles Tyrwhitt website.

Where to go

From what I can see Charles Tyrwhitt runs multiple sites which are:




As a final note, please be aware that I get no kick-backs from Charles Tyrwhitt whatsoever, and the only reason I recommend them is that I actually use them!

Where do you buy your shirts from? is there somewhere better than Charles Tyrwhitt that you know of?


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